Wendy Matthews welcomes fire

Tayla Gentle / September 05, 2013 02:05 AM

It’s been a long 12 years since Australian songstress Wendy Matthews last released an original record.

But today she is back promoting Welcome Fire, the most personal and revealing album of her impressive career.

Wendy Matthews welcomes fire

Canadian-born and bred, Matthews fell in love with Australia after touring the country with Glenn Shorrock, of Little River Band fame.

Settling in Sydney, her exceptional vocals soon attracted the attention of Australian music royalty Jimmy Barnes, Richard Clapton and Tim Finn, and before long was a key collaborator. 

Crediting her close family and friends for pushing her back into the songwriting business, Welcome Fire is a reflection on love, revenge, grief and enlightenment.

The song ‘Little Boy’ was inspired by the death of her orphaned pet deer John, who died while Matthews was away from her home in the hinterland near Coffs Harbour, NSW.

The best friend of Matthews’ dog Bear, John Deer was the “little boy [she] never received”, even earning himself a mat in the house.

“I’ve had a broken heart before but never like this. But I am so grateful, who gets to be a deer’s mother?” she said.

A six-time ARIA award winner, Matthews said she was not afraid to bear all this time around.

“It has been a while for me since I put out any original material and there’s no point in hoping you are an artist if you are not honest,” she said.

Welcome Fire is out now.

Source: Herald Sun

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