Featured Profile: Clive Palmer

Kathleen Belsten / June 24, 2013 01:22 PM

Clive Palmer might be best known at the moment for his two thumbs up political campaign, Palmer United Party, but he is also a very successful businessman.


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Born on the March 26 1954 Palmer became a household name for his concerted efforts within the mining industry.

As owner and chairman of exploration company Mineralogy, Palmer resides over a Western Australian magnetite ore reserve of 160 billion tonnes.

The latest BRW Rich List puts Palmer's personal wealth at a hefty $2.2 billion, but according to the mining magnate himself, he is worth far more.

After purchasing Queensland Nickel in 2009, he showered his staff with more than  $10 million worth of Christmas bonuses, including 55 Mercedes-Benz-B-Class cars and overseas holidays. 

Currently, aside from operating serveral mining companies, Queensland resorts and the Gold Coast United football club, Palmer has been hot on the campaign trail in a bid to become Australia's new Prime Minister.  

Having joined the National Party of Australia in 1974, served as campaign director in the 1983 state election, acted as media spokesman in the 1986 election, survived the merge between the National and Liberal Party and subsequently earnt a life membership in 1992, Palmer has long been involved in politics.

Therefore it wasn't a suprise to those who knew him that in 2013, he announced his running for PM beneath the banner of his own political force, Palmer United Party.


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While he is undeniably a great businessman, Palmer his not without his quirks.

The National Living Treasure recipient announced early this year that he plans to build a modern-day replica of the famous cruise liner RMS Titanic in honour of all those affected by the wreck. The Titanic II is set to be built in China, and will depart New York on its maiden voyage in 2016.

However, his ambitious ideas don't stop there. A month later, Palmer publicised his plans to build a resort park full of robot-dinosaurs, aptly named Jurassic Park. 

Perhaps Palmer's Jurassic Park idea is inspired by one of his three children.

Palmer was married to wife Susan for 22 years and had two children together before Susan died from cancer in 2005.

He remarried in 2007 to Anna Topalov and the couple have one daughter and are expecting another child. 

"They always say politicians should kiss babies, what better baby to kiss than your own?" he said. 

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