Carfrae conquers Hawaii

Tayla Gentle / October 15, 2013 09:44 AM

Aussie triathlon star and Who’s Who entrant Mirinda Carfrae set a record-breaking pace at Sunday’s Ironman world championships, storming to the finish line to claim her second international title.

Carfrae, a former basketballer, defied the odds by coming back from an eight minute deficit, crowning her the first Australian woman to win multiple titles at the Hawaiian track.

Carfrae conquers HawaiiPhoto: AP

The brutal one-day race is made up of a 3.8 kilometre swim, 180 kilometre cycle and 42.2 kilometre run.

The 32-year-old managed to shave an astounding two minutes off the previously held world record, crossing the finish line at a staggering 8:52:14.

She is one of only four women to have completed the course in less than nine hours.

Although her finish time is impressive unto itself, it was her blistering run which made the Kona history books. Carfrae completed the marathon in two hours 50 minutes and 35 seconds and incredibly, only two men in the race this year posted a faster run time.

Cafrae, who also won in 2010, rated this win as one of the greatest moments in her life.

“We had the perfect conditions and I had a magic day,” she said.

“This is a dream, an absolute dream…I can’t believe I had this race in me. I can’t believe I got the record.”

Carfrae’s fiancée and American triathlete, Tim O’Donnell, met her at the finish line after finishing fifth in the men’s event.

carfrae2                    Photo: AP

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