Bowditch is Big Hearted in business

Tayla Gentle / September 02, 2013 04:34 PM

Like most women we know, Who’s Who entrant Clare Bowditch is a lady of many talents.

Already an ARIA award-winning musician, successful producer, Logie-nominated actor and mother to three, Bowditch now adds entrepreneur to her name.

Bowditch is Big Hearted

Big Hearted Business, the brainchild of Bowditch, is a web-based enterprise offering seminars and mentoring programs for people in creative fields.

From writers to curators to enlightened yoga instructors, BHB aims to bring the “left and right brainers together”, teaching creative people about business and business-minded people about creativity.

According to Bowditch, it’s important for creative thinkers to understand the business world.

“It’s very difficult having a successful music career in Australia unless you are fortunate enough to find a good manager,” she said.

“One of the main stumbling blocks for creative people is being able to communicate with those people who may not be as creative as themselves.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as lacking confidence.”

Bowditch is no stranger to talking business. Prior to launching her music career she taught a media management and marketing course at her local community house, and in 2012 earned her qualifications as a life coach.

In 2010 Bowditch returned to the management world and began to work with clients in a mentoring capacity. Soon, the one-on-one program kicked off and began to grow into a fully-fledged business.  

Thanks to an "overwhelming" Pozible campaign earlier this year BHB held its very first two-day event, with a line-up of 11 key industry speakers and an audience of over 200 enthusiastic customers.

Day-to-day BHB is primarily an online tool offering its clients five-week e-courses and digital video "information bombs" featuring an expert discussing industry trends and offering advice.

BHB also donates a portion of their profits to KIVA, Music Victoria and funds several BHB Scholarships.

Source: The Age

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