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Eastern Health researchers uncover method to almost halve the critical stroke response time

A team of researchers at Eastern Health have found a way of drastically reducing critical time to treatment for the most severe stroke patients.

The research, conducted between 2015 and 2018 and involving 133 patients, reports that ‘door-in-door-out’ (DIDO) time – the total amount of time from patients arriving to an Emergency Department to assessment, CT scans, diagnosis, treatment and transfer for Endovascular Clot Retrieval (ECR) – reduced from 111 minutes in 2015 to a median of 59 minutes in 2018 during work hours (0800-1700).

The research has this week been published in the journal Stroke.

To achieve such a significant reduction in treatment time, a group of Eastern Health medical professionals from various departments conducted a detailed review of every part of the DIDO process to increase efficiency as much as possible; ensuring appropriate patients were transferred to a comprehensive stroke centre as soon as possible.

Research lead and Stroke Neurologist at Eastern Health Philip Choi explained that with an average of one stroke happens every nine minutes in Australia, research like this is essential.

“The most common type of stroke is caused by blood clots reaching brain tissue. The sooner these clots can be removed, the higher chance of a better outcome for patients. Understanding this, it’s clear that time is of the essence with acute stroke patients,” Dr Choi said.

“This research shows that it is possible for primary stroke centres to achieve median DIDO times of under an hour, which has the potential to make a difference to the health outcomes of thousands of patients every year.”

The research was a collaborative effort lead by Eastern Health with Ambulance Victoria and two of Melbourne’s comprehensive stroke centres, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

This academic paper was published electronically ahead of print in Stroke, and can be accessed on the American Heart Association website here:

Key Facts and Figures

- Research conducted from 2015-2018 involving 133 patients helped reduce DIDO time from 111mins (2015) to a median of 59mins (2018) during work hours (0800-1700)
- Eastern Health medical professionals conducted a detailed review of the DIDO process to achieve this
- Research shows possibility for primary stroke centres to achieve median DIDO times under 60mins
- Potential to help thousands of patients every year.

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