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Rotary bring Road Safety Education program to town

For every day of 2017, over three people were killed on Australian Roads.  

More terrifying is that for every life lost, over 20 people suffered life changing injuries as a direct result of road trauma.  

The first half of 2018 has already seen 561 lives lost on Australian roads, leaving countless families, friends and communities shattered.   Road safety authorities around the country are saying enough is enough, and we need to do more.  

With Education recognised as a critical element in reducing road trauma for all, especially for young drivers and their passengers, the Rotary Club of Mount Gambier West are continuing their partnership with industry leader, Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) to bring the award winning youth road safety program RYDA to more than 80 students from four local high schools during September.    
Held at Mount Gambier TAFE,, the RYDA program has been embedded in the local community for six years, and have had over 350 students attend the program during this time.  

RSE, a national not for profit organisation, is the provider of the RYDA program which runs at around 90 venues across Australia and New Zealand, and has seen over half a million students attend the program to date.   

“RYDA is a series of practical and powerful workshops for high school students that challenge students to change the way they think about road safety and lay the foundation for safe road use throughout their lives”, said Greg Rappo, RSE Program Director.  

“RYDA focuses on building and increasing social competency and resilience and motivating low-risk behavior.  Trained facilitators work with students to develop and practice personalised strategies which will help them respond positively to challenges on the road, both as drivers and highly influential passengers.” Mr Rappo continued, “This education doesn’t come from driving lessons, or the school classroom”.

RYDA is made possible through the strong support of corporate partners, BOC, Toyota Australia, Bridgestone, and MTAA Super as well as community partner, Rotary.  

David Burt, RYDA Co-ordinator in Mount Gambier says, “One of the great things about RYDA is that with the support of local Rotary Clubs, it can be run in all communities, by local road safety and education professionals, including the police”.    

“Young people continue to be over represented in road crash statistics.  In fact, one young person dies on Australian roads almost every day.  And for every life lost, another 20 are forever changed due to serious injuries.  The most dangerous time for any young road user is in the first six to 12 months of being a solo driver.” he said.

The RYDA program runs in Mount Gambier on 14th September, with opportunities for media between 9.30 and 2.30.    

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Road Safety Education Limited, a national, not for profit organisation is committed to reducing trauma on our roads by educating young people in senior high school, through its flagship program, RYDA.


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