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Mental Health Australia welcomes Productivity Commission Report and push for a national agreement

National peak body for mental health, Mental Health Australia has today welcomed the Draft Report released by the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health, saying it’s a report we can all act on, and must act on.

Mental Health Australia Acting CEO Melanie Cantwell said if we build on this Draft Report it has the potential to be a defining moment for systemic mental health and suicide prevention reform. 

“The Commission has clearly understood the scale and breadth of the challenge to improve the mental health system and said substantial reform of Australia’s mental health system is needed,” said Ms Cantwell.

“For many months we’ve said the Productivity Commission Inquiry is a once in a generation opportunity for mental health, and from today we can all make the most of this opportunity, and the many opportunities recommended throughout the Draft Report.”

“At the core is the push for a new national agreement for mental health, which has also been at the heart of our Charter 2020: Time To Fix Mental Health, now co-signed by more than 110 mental health and suicide prevention organisations nationally.” 

“In our Charter 2020 we called for an agreement that delivers integration and coordination of mental health services, including agreed objectives, indicators, monitoring arrangements and funding between all levels of government.” 

“In the Draft Report, Draft Recommendation 22.1 – A National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Agreement is listed on page 99 of the Overview and Recommendations document, and we can only hope that it’s high on the agenda at today’s COAG Health Council meeting in Perth.”


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