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December is Pet Hydration Awareness Month. And this year PetSafe® Brand Australia is asking does your pet have a drinking problem?

A recent survey conducted by the pet product expert found an estimated 40% of Australian’s are unsure of how to tell if their pets were dehydrated; falsely believing panting is the key indication.

‘This is a common misconception’ says PetSafe® Australia Marketing Manager Zarqa Ali, ‘panting is a sign that a dog is hot or anxious; not necessarily dehydrated’.

Dogs are made up of 80% water, which is significantly higher than humans who are only 60% water.

'Because of this it is incredibly important for pet owners to understand dogs and cats need more water than we do and this is especially important throughout the hot summer months', continues Zarqa.

There are 5 common symptoms of dehydration to look out:

1.     Sunken eyes

2.     Lethargy

3.     Loss of Appetite

4.     Dry Mouth

5.     Depression

In addition an easy at home 2 step skin test can be performed on your pet by:

·         Gently grabbing a loose fold of skin on the back of the neck or in between the shoulder blades and release

·         If the skin snaps back into place, your pet should be ok.  If the skin slowly returns to place, your pet could be dehydrated and needs to be checked by a veterinarian immediately.

To help owners understand the health risk of dehydration, PetSafe® has developed an infographic outlining important facts about pets and proper hydration.  The infographic illustrates the recommended daily water intake for pets – 70mls of water per kilogram of body weight – as well as the steps to take if a pet becomes dehydrated. 


PetSafe® Brand Australia has a wide range of products that make it easy to keep your pet hydrated through the hot summer months however it Is always recommend to immediately seek advice from your local vet should you be concerned over the health of your pet for any reason.


The PetSafe® Australia Pet Hydration Awareness Month Information Sheet can be downloaded from:


PetSafe® Australia has a range of products to help encourage your pet to stay hydrated including the popular PetSafe®Chilly Penguin.

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