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Launch into Learning’ releases score card on major parties early learning policies

Australia - With one in nine Australian voters having a child younger than five years of age the release today of a scorecard on early learning could be a vote changer. The Launch into Learning campaign spearheaded by the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) released the score card to provide voters with a detailed assessment of party commitments against five key issues. Following a thorough analysis, the results demonstrate a strong commitment from Labor and the Greens against the campaign asks with the Liberal/National party showing a much lesser commitment to early learning and care in their current policies. ELACCA CEO, Ms Elizabeth Death said the campaign has been particularly focussed on giving all children access to two years of early learning to lay the foundations for success in the future. “We have also asked for greater support for children experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage so they too can access and fully participate in vital early learning programs. “We need a national strategy to build a quality workforce of dedicated and respected teachers and educators and ongoing support to ensure quality of early learning and policies. “And importantly we need to see the Child Care Subsidy improved so every Australian child has access to early learning.” “Never before has early learning been a key election issue and we expect parents will carefully consider all the major party’s offerings before casting their vote on Saturday. “A poll we commissioned with Essential Research found more than half the people with young children indicated that early learning will play a key part in their voting decision on Sunday. 2 “The research results indicate that early learning is a deal breaker for many families and an investment in quality, affordable and accessible early learning was important for the next generation. “We know the ages of three to five are critical to brain development and that children who have attended two years of quality play-based early learning make the best transitions to school. "Quality early learning is good for children and good for the economy and is a great investment in our future,” Ms Death said. Launch into Learning is the first campaign delivered by ELACCA on behalf of its members, the nation’s largest not-for-profit and private providers of early learning and care. “This is the first time our members have united on a quality initiative that impacts us all, with the momentum of the Launch into Learning campaign indicative of a non-partisan approach that has attracted the attention of all major parties.” 


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