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Following the tragic death of a Brisbane man who was riding a Lime E-Scooter two weeks ago, the Pedestrian Council of Australia (registered ACNC charity) has called on the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government to ban E-Scooters from ALL footpaths with the launch of a new social media campaign called #ReportLime.

Pedestrian Council of Australia (PCA) Chairman Harold Scruby said: “The campaign is being launched today on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and calls for Australians to report* dangerous behaviour and misuse of E-scooters.

“Enough is enough,” Mr Scruby said. “Lime needs to be held accountable for the over 80 hospital admissions, lack of regulation and enforcement in relation to e-scooters and the ways in which they are being used, which is ultimately putting lives at risk.

“Calling all Brisburnians – this campaign is all about rallying your support to ban e-scooters.

“We want you to share your images of people riding Lime e-scooters illegally and dangerously.

“If you’ve seen someone riding an e-scooter without a helmet, doubling, across a pedestrian crossing or reckless, or involved in a crash – we want you to take a picture and load it up on the #ReportLime social media channels.

“Major cities across the world like, Madrid, Paris, San Francisco and LA have all banned e-scooters from being ridden on footpaths because they are dangerous. The Adelaide City Council has just cancelled their contract. Australia needs to urgently follow suit in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of our pedestrians.”

Mr Scruby said the dangers of people riding e-scooters on sidewalks couldn’t be overlooked.

“Not only are e-scooters promoting sedentary habits among pedestrians (you get more exercise walking to your car), they are extremely unsafe with many people riding up to 25km/hr without wearing a helmet, or frequently doubling,” he said.

“The highest cause of avoidable death in Australia, after 50, is from a fall. And imagine the potential for harm if a 100 kg man hits a child at 25 km/h. This is the worst decision I’ve seen in over 25 years as a pedestrian safety and walking advocate. It’s as though pedestrians don’t matter.

“And what’s the real cost? Many injured victims will present at public hospitals are at a local doctor’s surgery, where the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments will pay the costs. And there’s professional advice from leading Brisbane lawyers, Kerrin’s, regarding E-Scooter riders – (quote): “If you’re going to use one, be assured that you do so at your own risk, and one momentary lapse of judgment could result in your becoming bankrupt.”

“If we continue to allow the negligent use of e-scooters on our city streets, it’s only a matter of time before we see another fatal crash.” Mr Scruby said.

“We request that Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk implement an immediate independent study of ALL “rideables/vehicles” on Queensland footpaths, including bicycles. Especially as the speed limit for a cyclist on any footpath in Queensland is the same as the adjacent road.

PLEASE share* your thoughts and photos via the below social media channels, using #ReportLime.


*HOW YOU ##ReportLime

Anyone seeing any illegal activity on or by Lime Scooters will be asked to send photos of same and upload to these channels:

Take a photo of illegal use which includes time, date and place of the photo.

We recommend downloading the Timestamp App which does this for you

What is illegal and unsafe behaviour:

· Riders without helmets or helmets which are not fastened

· Riders doubling

· Riders on pedestrian crossings

· Riders riding in prohibited areas (e.g.) Queen Square

· Riders riding dangerously

· Riders riding under 16 years of age and without being accompanied by an adult

· Scooters left without helmets and offered for rent, especially those in a line which have been set up by their contractors

· Scooters left anywhere which may be likely to trip pedestrians, especially blind pedestrians, or pedestrians at night

· Scooters which have blown over or have fallen over onto the footpath or road

· Contractors parking/stopping illegally to collect or deliver scooters


Facebook and Instagram: @reportlime Twitter: @reportlimeaus Hashtag: #ReportLime


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For more information or interviews, please call:
Harold Scruby, CEO and Chairman – The Pedestrian Council of Australia | 0418 110 011
Gabrielle Leonello, Director, littlelion PR | 0425 554 454 |

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