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Australia’s Most Infamous Nightclub to celebrate 25 year anniversary

“The stories from the Hellfire Club make 50 Shades seem like Enid Blyton!”

Melbourne, Australia: Frequented by the rich, the famous and the curious, Australia’s most notorious and infamous nightclubs from the 90’s returns for one night only. Welcome back Hellfire.

Considered Australia’s answer to Studio 54 the Hellfire Club was the place to be and be seen throughout the 1990’s with everyone from Kate Cebrano to George Clooney on the enviable guest list.

‘We had everyone spend a night at Hellfire’, comments the clubs founder Richard Masters, ‘Including Kate Ceberano, Andrew Denton, Ben Elton, Tottie Goldsmith, Ross Wilson, Bobby Gillespie, George Clooney and even Julian Assange!.’ Just to name a few.

‘We were the epitome of the outrageous. We were known as the place for people to let go and be themselves without fear or repercussions’, continues Masters.

Richards Masters ran the Melbourne and Sydney Hellfire clubs from 1993 to 2003. Before Hellfire Masters was an independent filmmaker and when in LA in 1992 he witness the undeniable growth in popularity of specialised clubs. Especially those focusing on the S&M world.

‘There was a sexual revolution occurring back then. We had Madonna and MTV leading the way and people were looking for more freedom, more opportunities to express themselves and clubs like Studio 54, Limelight and Roxy were giving them that’, continues Masters, ‘It was clear that this would soon be in vogue in Australia so when I got home I approached the owner of the club on Queensbury Street in Melbourne, and then Hellfire was born!’

On March 16, 2018 Masters will be hosting a special 25th Anniversary event at The Royal Melbourne Hotel in celebration of Hellfire and the role this much loved nightclub held in Australia during its heyday.

‘I am wanting to bring back the experience of Hellfire one last time’, says Masters.

‘Our 25th Anniversary Event is set to be one hell of a night. The Royal Melbourne Hotel will be set up to play homage to the original Hellfire club including a Spanish Inquisition Torture Chamber a few of the old Masters and Mistresses will be present and of course the Hellfire Rack will be making a comeback!’

Original Hellfire DJ’s including David Thrussell, Andrew Till and Arlen Da Silva will make a return, but sadly Julian Assange is unavailable.

‘It would have been fantastic to get Julian back, he broadcast a Hellfire DJ set on the internet, which was a new fad at the time! But I think he is stuck overseas right now…!’

‘We are on the verge of a new sexual boom, a new empowerment movement with films like 50 Shades of Grey being box office hits,’ continues Master, ‘However we have been there done that, we were the 90’s version of Mr. Grey however we had Mr. Nude…who would make Mr. Grey blush!’

The Hellfire Club 25th Anniversary Event will be held on Friday 16th March at the Royal Melbourne Hotel (629 Bourke Street, Melbourne) from 9.00pm to 5.00am.

Tickets are $35 and available at, or on the door.

Media are invited to attend the event on request.

Interviews with Richard Masters are available on request.

Media interviews, passes to attend or further information please contact Amanda Kuhn @ / 0410 570 993



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