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EMBARGOED UNTIL June 27, 2019 04:00 PM



Requested engineering information from the local authority arrived yesterday and is now being assessed.

The engineering investigations are continuing, and no conclusive report is available at this stage.

Electronic monitoring of the structure is continuing, and no further information is available at this stage.

A return to building occupancy in the short term is unlikely at this stage. This will be assessed on a month by month basis.

The engineering team will address owners tonight.

A senior representative from the office of fair trading will be available to address owners tonight. Fair trading assistance funds are starting to flow.

In relation to media reports as to the adjoining building, legal advice is that no comment is to be issued.

The Owners Corporation is aware of media reports that other buildings within the precinct may be experiencing structural issues but offers no comment on this.

The engineer repeats his advice that any statement that the building is "sinking" is inaccurate and alarmist. Parts of the building have experienced differential settlement.

No direction has been given ordering owners or residents to remove their belongings.

The Owners Corporation is keeping the NSW government fully informed and is appreciative of their assistance both financially through the office of fair trading and with engineering assistance by government engineers.

The Owners Corporation has also acknowledged assistance from financial, storage and accommodation providers who have aided owners and residents.



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