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January 2019: Summer is here and Australians will have dusted off their BBQ’s in preparation to cook some summer snags for the family. However, do you know how to cook the perfect sausage?

On average around 1.1 billion sausages are consumed annually in Australia; which makes the humble snag an Aussie favourite. In addition, most Aussies choose to cook their sausages on the BBQ.

“No matter how tempting, never prick your snag”, comments sausage expert and CEO of family owned Australian master butcher Beak & Sons, “this is the trick to a perfect, juicy BBQ sausage”.

In a recent Facebook survey Beak & Sons found that, 33% of Australians’ still opt to prick their snags before or while cooking.

“This is wrong”, continues David, “by pricking the skin of the sausage all you are doing is losing the juices meaning the sausage will cook unevenly and possibly end up burnt”.

Cooking it slow, low and with no pricking is the key.

“Cook your snag over a low temperature and slowly, possibly around 30 mins, to create the perfect sausage”

David has released his easy to follow 5-step guide to cooking the perfect BBQ sausage:

1. Start at room temperature: Make sure the sausage is at room temperature before you cook. This helps for a more even cooking result.

2. Oil or butter each snag: Lightly oil or butter the entire sausage before you cook. This helps to stop them from sticking and gives the outside a nice brown skin.

3. Keep a 1.5cm gap: Place sausages at a 1.5cm gab on the hot plate. This helps to prevent flair ups, and helps to turn them easier.

4. Use two hot plates: Use 2 burners on your BBQ. The outside on high the inside on low. Start with the outside first to brown the outside of the sausage then move to the low burner to finish cooking slow.

5. Cook slow and low: Your snags should take around 20-30 mins to cook. Keep them on the high burner for around 10 mins (or until golden brown on the outside) and then around 15-20mins on the low burner or until the juices run clear when one is cut to test.

“Following these steps to cook your snag might take you a little longer, but the slower they cook the juicier the sausage will be”, confirms David.

The Beak & Sons family butchers have been creating sausages since 1910, boasting the highest meat content of any sausage and naturally gluten free.

“We have spent years not only designing award winning sausage flavours, but also perfecting how to cook a sausage perfectly”, says David, “from poaching, baking to BBQ the one guaranteed method for the perfect sausage is cook slow and low”.

Beak & Sons Gourmet Range or Sausages are available in all good supermarkets throughout NSW, VIC, QLD and Tasmania.

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Company Background:The Beak and Sons family butcher’s sausages boast a high meat content, and they are naturally gluten free. Beak and Sons never add artificial flavours, colours or MSG because they are as devoted now to putting a better sausage on your fork as they were back in 1910. To make the greatest sausage; you have to have the greatest ingredients. Beak and Sons have done this by sourcing the best meat they can find. While most people make sausages from everything that is left over; Beak and Sons only select the finest cuts, and combine this with the finest fresh ingredients.Beak and Sons sausages are the results of over 120 years spent honing their craft. For four generations Beak and Sons have carefully guarded the secrets of their masterful techniques so there is nothing quite like a Beak and Sons sausage. We take our skilful, time-honoured ways and apply them across all our top quality, prize-winning meat products.Reginald (Reggie) Beak laid the foundations of our pioneering tradition when he experiences the sublime smokey flavour of the chorizo sausage while living in South America in the 1900’s. He later perfected his own recipe based on beef, pork and smokey paprika, in Argentina and it remains a best seller today.Reggie’s wife, Elsie, and his son, Peter, also pioneered creations that were inspired by their many global travels. They have been kept and developed as secret family recipes, which shows that good ideas never get old. David Beak at the helm of our Australian family-owned and run gourmet Sausage Company, and his children, Will and Lucy, are ensuring the family legacy will be carried forward.


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