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Bushfires Ended by Flooding Rains

The bushfire busting heavy rain along the coast of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia should not be unexpected.

Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) President Ian Dinham said “What we are seeing is a common scenario where extended dry periods are followed flooding rains.

“Climate extremes are a fact of life in Australia, and while the recent rains have put a welcome end to many of Australia’s bushfires, in some areas they have brought the additional inconvenience and misery of flooding.

While this season’s bushfires have caused terrible loss of life and unprecedented destruction, flooding is also an ever-present threat. It is however the most manageable of natural disasters, with recent estimates that floods cost Australia over $560 million a year.

“Our communities need to be better protected and prepared to reduce the economic and social costs of these floods”, Mr Dinham said.

“Climate change modelling indicates that flooding will increase in severity and frequency with rising global temperatures. The threat of flood is not dissipating, and programs to reduce flood risks need to be supported by all levels of government.”

Mr Dinham said communities with flood levees, such as Launceston in Tasmania, Lismore in New South Wales and St George in Queensland, have greatly reduced flood risks and lowered house insurance premiums, and this type of infrastructure needs to be available to more towns across the country.

“Our communities need to better understand how to keep their families safe during times of extreme weather, by being adequately prepared, following the directions of emergency personnel, and never driving through or playing in flood waters.”

Floodplain Management Australia brings together experts from across Australia and overseas to help build a more flood resilient nation. Members include over 150 councils, catchment management authorities, agencies, businesses, and professionals involved in urban and rural flood risk management.


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