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New survey reveals young drivers are feeling threatened on our roads

Let’s extend the gift of goodwill this Christmas as new survey reveals young drivers are feeling threatened on our roads. 

It’s that time of year again.  The time where we see advertisements portraying happy, shiny families coming together, sharing the fun of the holidays and driving to and from their destinations looking joyful and relaxed!

According to Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), the reality is often the opposite.  Instead angry, stressed and tired drivers crowd our roads, determined to get to their destination, many with a complete disregard for other road users.  

In a recent survey conducted by RSE, a leading road safety education organisation and the provider of the RYDA program, the issue of driver aggression was highlighted.  

In the survey conducted across Australia, 82% of novice drivers said that they have felt threatened or intimidated on our roads, with tailgating and aggressive overtaking by fully licence drivers being the main problem.  

RSE’s Program Director, Greg Rappo said, “at a time when they are still so new to the driving experience, our L and P plate drivers are feeling nervous, intimidated and panicked by other driver’s behaviour on the road and are often inclined to speed up or perform risky manoeuvrers to get themselves out of an uncomfortable position. In fact, 47% of our respondents said that they would generally speed up as a result of aggressive behaviour from other drivers.”

 “This Christmas we are asking drivers to extend the gift of patience and goodwill to other road users, and adopt a ‘share the road’ rather than a ‘me first’ approach to driving,” Mr Rappo continued.

“Often self professed ‘good drivers’ are unaware that their feelings of frustration on the road are having a negative impact on their driving, seeing them behave in a way that other road users find aggressive.”  

Like most things in life, recognising the problem is the first step to solving it.  So how can you tell if you are an aggressive driver?  According to Mr Rappo, there are some tell-tale signs:

Speeding – do you often find yourself going over the speed limit and feeling rushed and time starved?  

Frequent Lane Changes – are you always looking for an opportunity to cut in to gaps and better your position on the road?  

Tailgating – do you feel like someone is always in your way, and you are constantly trying to communicate your priority on the road?

The Horn – how often are you using your horn?  Do you regularly share your frustration with other road users by beeping your horn?  

Lane Blocking – do you deliberately prevent someone from merging or changing lanes?  Do you get a feeling of competitiveness with other road users?  

It can become a habit to respond to the stresses of daily life in this way, particularly at Christmas time.  Unfortunately on the road it can have fatal consequences.  

RSE are reminding all drivers that when you visit your family and friends, this holiday season, you make sure you deliver the only gift that matters.  YOU!

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Road Safety Education Limited, a national not for profit organisation is committed to reducing trauma on our roads by educating young people in senior high school, through it's flagship program, RYDA.


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