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iFLY Indoor Skydiving Gold Coast will launch their Virtual Reality Indoor Skydiving Experience, the first time offered ever on the GC, available from Wednesday 5th December.

“Virtual Reality is something we have been working on bringing into our facilities for a long time”, comments ISAG National Marketing Manager Cheryl Dawson, “We have been waiting for the technology to become advanced enough that the experience replicates the skydiving experience perfectly, we are very excited with our new product”.

Virtual reality will allow users a real-world skydiving experience, without the need to jump from a plane or even wear a parachute.

“Our iFLY VR Experience has enhanced our indoor skydiving experience to a whole new level. During our testing phase we had some of the country’s best skydivers using the product, and declaring how realistic the new indoor skydiving product really was! They really felt like they were really flying outdoors!”

The iFLY VR Experience allows the user to watch POV footage on a specially designed VR helmet that takes the indoor skydiving experience outdoors.

‘While you are in the safety of our wind tunnel, you will be watching mountains and even other skydivers fly by from 13,000 feet!”

The iFLY VR Experience combines the latest in VR technology with the state-of-the-art wind tunnel creating the most realistic skydiving experience ever offered in Australia.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Virtual Reality Flight Experience will be available from Wednesday 5th December. Flights start at RRP$149.

For bookings go to or call 1300 366 364.

Please contact Amanda Kuhn ( / 0410 570 993) for more information.

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