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A recent global study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has confirmed what many in road safety organizations have known for a very long time - A 10% increase in the speed limit leads to a 40 per cent increase in fatal crashes.  

With the beginning of school holidays upon us, and more people travelling longer distances, now is the time to slow down and be aware of those around you.  

Speeding is unquestionably recognised as a major factor in both the number and severity of traffic crashes.   Australian figures show that eight in ten fatalities are on country roads (where the speed limit is 100km/hour or higher).  

Greg Rappo, RSE Program Director, says “As your speed increases - so does the distance you travel while your brain is processing information and reacting to it – and so does the distance you need to stop. The average time it takes for most drivers to react to a risky situation on the road is 1.5 seconds”.

“A driver who is fatigued or distracted (eg, using a mobile phone or affected by drugs or alcohol) may take as long as three critical seconds to react”, at 60 km / hour this is the equivalent of travelling blind for approximately 50 metres” said Mr Rappo.  

“The OECD reviewed data from 10 countries, including Australia and the United States, and supports RSE’s view that even a small increase in speed can drastically affect your stopping distance.  Speed limits are there for a reason, and we beg people to pay attention to them these school holidays.  Beyond that, it’s important to drive to the conditions – inclement weather, poor road conditions and increased hazards should all be triggers to reduce our speed below the limit”.    

Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) is a not for profit organisation committed to reducing road trauma among young drivers, by educating high school students through its highly acclaimed RYDA program.

RYDA provides powerful workshops to change the way young people think about road safety including the impact of speeding. RYDA’s sessions include a high impact, practical demonstration of the effects of speed on stopping distances.

At RYDA, students attend six interactive sessions at a dedicated venue over the course of a school day. In small peer groups, they are challenged to change the way they think about road safety; devising personalised strategies, gaining an understanding of their individual risk profile and getting tips from road safety experts on how to protect themselves, their friends and family.

RYDA is made possible through the strong support of corporate partners, BOC, Toyota Australia, Bridgestone and MTAA Super as well as community partner, Rotary. 

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Road Safety Education Limited, a national not for profit organisation is committed to reducing trauma on our roads by educating young people in senior high school, through its flagship program RYDA.


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