News Corp increases cover prices

Bec Fary / July 10, 2013 01:14 PM

In another shake-up of Australian print publishers, News Corp is increasing the prices of its Sunday mastheads. 

The move comes a week after Fairfax Media did the same for Sydney’s Sun-Herald.

News Corp, formerly News Limited, will increase the cover price of most of its Sunday tabloids from July 21.

The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, The Sunday Mail in Queensland and Sunday Mail in South Australia will increase charges by 25 percent.

The price of The Sunday Tasmanian will increase by 10 percent.

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News Corp price changes. Photo credit: Australian Newsagency blog. 

Mumbrella reports:

“The moves come as Australia’s publishers attempt to put their titles on a firmer financial footing.

“Whereas a high circulation number had been an important part of the advertising sales story, the decline in print ads means that consumers are increasingly being asked to pay a price which is no longer loss leading.”

Australian Newsagency blog’s Mark Fletcher said in response to the announcement that recent customer feedback about price increases suggest there will be plenty of complaints.

“I think we are approaching a tipping point, a price point beyond which customers will not pay for a print newspaper,” he wrote.

Fletcher said the announcement from News Corp heralds a decline in newsagent margins.  

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