News Corp consolidates local papers

Bec Fary / July 05, 2013 09:28 AM

News Corp Australia will consolidate its suburban newspaper offices after the closure of a number of Melbourne locations. 

The offices of the Melton Leader, Sunbury Leader, Mornington Peninsula Leader, Stonnington Leader and Port Phillip Leader will be affected.

The Melton and Sunbury offices will be moved to Preston, the Port Phillip and Stonnington Leader office in St Kilda Rd will be moved to the Herald & Weekly Times office in Southbank and Mornington Leader staff will join a number of other local paper outfits at the News Corp office in Cheltenham.

The cost-cutting measure follows a similar move in Sydney, which saw local reporters taking on “roving” roles.

News Corp, then News Limited, told Encore in February that local coverage would not be damaged by the moves.

“Our community newspaper groups have implemented structural changes as part of the broader transformation of News Limited to meet the changing needs of our consumers and customers,” a spokesperson said.

“These changes have not affected local reportage.” 

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