Murdoch apologises to Sun ‘victims’

Bec Fary / July 05, 2013 09:47 AM

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has apologised to British Sun newspaper staff for making them “victims” of the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal in 2011. 

In a secret recording made of a meeting with Sun staff in March, Murdoch explains that he “panicked” because he felt under “personal siege” from the media.

“I’m sure we’ve made mistakes,” he said.

“It was done to protect the business. If you want to accuse me of a certain amount of panic, there’s some truth in that.

“I was under personal siege, not that that mattered.

“All the press were screaming and yelling, and we might have gone too far in protecting ourselves. And you were the victims of it.

“It’s not enough for me to say you’ve got my sympathy, but you do have my total support.”

Murdoch indicates he might continue to employ staff “even if you’re convicted and get six months or whatever”.

You can read extracts from a transcript of the recording at The Guardian.  

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