Fairfax stops releasing digital statistics

Bec Fary / July 10, 2013 11:42 AM

Fairfax Media has stopped releasing monthly updates on its digital platforms. 

Fairfax Media

Photo credit: Fairfax 

When Fairfax launched the monthly reports last year, they said it was part of “an ongoing commitment to giving key industry stakeholders the most transparent and holistic set of metrics for its mastheads across all platforms”.

But the publisher has now stopped sharing its monthly reports.

Former Fairfax Metro chief Jack Matthews, who introduced the monthly reports, left the publisher a day after the final market update was issued in April.

Some monthly data, including falling print circulation figures, had already been dropped from the monthly documents.

The final market update covered February 2013, and suggested that while Fairfax was getting more visitors to its digital platforms, other key numbers were falling.

Monthly page views for The Age were down 11 percent and the net average circulation of its weekday combined print and digital editions were down 3 percent since the same time last year.

A Fairfax spokesperson said the publisher had decided to drop the report because a new readership system, called Emma, will be launched later this year.

Emma, Enhanced Media Metrics Australia, has been mainly funded by The Readership Works by Fairfax and News Corp Australia and will look at readership of print, website and tablet editions.

“The FMMAR (Fairfax Metro Media Audience Report) was always an interim solution for our Metro mastheads ahead of the launch of the new metrics from the Readership Works,” the Fairfax spokesperson told Mumbrella.

“In the lead up to the launch of Emma in the first quarter of fiscal 2014, we have suspended issuing the FMMAR as we consider how we will report our audience metrics going forward. We will give an update on digital subscriptions at our August financial results.”

Fairfax launched its digital paywalls last week, and on the weekend raised the cover price of Sydney’s Sun-Herald newspaper to $2.50 after revenue loss of more than 20 percent.

For a full list of Fairfax figures, take a look at the original Mumbrella article.  

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