Breakfast radio is a revolving door

Emily Woods / November 20, 2013 04:06 PM

Noticing a change to your morning routine? There has been another Australian breakfast radio casualty.

Radio Today announced yesterday TRFM Traralgon is letting go of their current breakfast show hosts.

Bryce And Tulles .jpg

Source: Radio Today, breakfast show presenters Bryce & Tulles get the boot.

The station have ‘moved on’ breakfast show Bryce & Tulles and program director Mat Cummins spoke to Radio Today:

"We are speaking to a couple of different teams at the moment but there are no offers on the table for anyone yet, no deals have been done and we're still very much in the early planning stages of working out what we'll do next year," Cummins said.

Is it just end-of-year evaluation, or is there something in the breakfast radio waters?

Here's a few brekky shows that will not be taking home the bacon anymore:

  1. Kyle & Jackie O’s 2Day FM show concluded after more than 10 years on air.
  2. Fox FM’s Matt & Jo will be replaced by Fifi Box and Dave Thornton.
  3. Mix 106.3’s Biggzy resigned from her breakfast show in Canberra.
  4. FIVEaa breakfast announcer Keith Conlon announced his retirement.
  5. 92.9 Perth Breakfast show Lisa, Paul and Baz finished in early November.
  6. After 14 years together on Newcastle’s KOFM, breakfast radio duo David Collins and Tanya Wilks announced the end of their show.
  7. Former Triple J presenter Robbie Buck will replace Adam Spencer on ABC 702 Sydney.

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