ABC salary leak hits nerve

Emily Woods / November 20, 2013 02:46 PM

News Corporation leaked two lists containing the names and corresponding salaries of top-earning ABC staffers and Aunty has hit back.



                   Image: Screen shot of the story on The Australian's website.

The leak revealed which Aunty staffers are paid the highest and has led to confusion and frustration in the office.

ABC managing director Mark Scott was extremely shocked and he has called for an investigation into how the information was leaked.

Crikey revealed Scott apologised to Aunty staff this morning in an email: “I want to apologise that information like this has not been securely managed. Staff are entitled to be concerned and upset. I have asked for a full and complete investigation about how this highly confidential material was accessed.”

Sally Sara tweeted that every ABC journo would be reading the story, which was published in the Australian today.

Sara Tweet

Image: Screen image of ABC reporter Sally Sara's tweet.

Crikey reported the leak hit a nerve with ABC staff, and many will now have an "upper-hand in salary negotiations with the broadcaster".

ABC Radio National presenter Phillip Adams told Crikey he will discuss the pay discrepancy with ABC management.

“I’m not happy … always accepted the fiction that we were paid much the same. [S]eems I’m heavily discounted. Half price. Will be discussing it with ‘upstairs’,” Adams said.

There are concerns the leak will lead to top ABC journos being poached by commercial networks.

Crikey also reported Sunrise presenter David Koch earns $1 million a year, in comparison to ABC breakfast program presenters Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland. According to the News Corp story Trioli earns $235,664 and Rowland $151,006 per annum.

Scott said “some of the information is clearly wrong and other parts out-of-date” in his email to ABC staff this morning.

ABC Online compared the ABC managing director’s salary to his commercial counterparts.

"According to today's article Mr Scott earns $678,940 per annum, while media website Mumbrella reports his counterpart at Channel 7 earns $2.6 million, and Nine CEO David Gyngell 'looks set to pocket a package of around $10m a year'."

Sources: ABC Online, Crikey, The Australian, Twitter.

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