10 million pages in newspaper trove

Bec Fary / July 08, 2013 10:50 AM

The National Library of Australia is working on a project to digitise Australia’s newspaper archives. 

The online resource, Trove, hit a milestone last week when it reached its 10 millionth online newspaper page.

With “100 million articles and counting”, Trove has a searchable database of newspaper pages dating back to 1803.

Director-general of the National Library of Australia, Anne-Marie Schwirtlich, said Trove gives users a trip down Australia’s memory lane.

"By digitising these early newspapers we are treated to a remarkable first-hand resource, from births, deaths and marriages to the political and social happenings of the day," she told The Australian

The 100 millionth page to be added to the Trove database was the front of the July 31 1915 issue of The Leader, from Orange in NSW, which reported on two local brothers leaving for the Great War. 

 Trove Frontpage

Photo credit: National Library of Australia 

Trove also archives books, pictures, manuscripts, sound files and archived websites dating back to 1996.

The library mainly archives newspapers published before 1955 that are out of copyright.

Newspapers are selected by the National Library of Australia, in co-operation with state and territory libraries. Historical societies and interested members of the public are invited to make suggestions or sponsor a title for archiving.

Magazines are not included, except The Australian Women’s Weekly.

The project was launched in 2007 with a target of 40 million articles by 2011.

Newspaper digitisation is a complex process that starts with a microfilm scan of the pages. Searchable text is then generated with optical character recognition software.

Trove users are encouraged to submit corrections.  

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