September 2013

  • Where's the media money?

    Media paychecks are evolving, with traditional job opportunities shrinking as newsrooms merge into smaller operations. ‘New News’ panelists at the 2013 Melbourne Writer’s Festival explored the current evolution of journalists’ wages, many calling for...


    Sep 06

  • Twitter: too much information?

    It’s become a common catchphrase in the news: “Twitter broke the story”. Whether it’s the birth of the royal baby or the war in Syria, you just about always can count on Twitter to have a hash tag trending. But is there such a thing as too much...


    Sep 04

  • Breaking it vs. checking it: Verification in a digital landscape

    Introducing 'The New Newsroom' at the 2013 Melbourne Writers Festival, Peter Clarke described "the working journalist in their natural habitat", which is no longer just the newsroom. Stories are rarely, if ever, broken on front pages anymore.


    Sep 04

August 2013

  • Sorry your Twitter campaign got hijacked

    I’d like to make an apology for all the smartarses of Twitter. If you’ve seen anything of the #AskBolt campaign, you'll know the ones.


    Aug 21

  • His and Hers Blogging

    Call it sexist, but women’s blogs have definitely got the stigma for being fluffy.


    Aug 20

  • When journalism crosses a line

    When does journalism cross a line? This is a question coming to mind for anyone who read the now famous “Kick This Mob Out” cover of the Daily Telegraph. And it didn't stop at the cover, with clear anti-Rudd preference dotted throughout News Corp's...


    Aug 12

  • How media is confusing the issue of asylum seekers

    Anyone else confused about the asylum seeker issue? You are not alone.


    Aug 08

July 2013