February 2014

  • Opinion: The media's attitude to drugs

    If you blinked you might have missed it, but The Daily Telegraph made a quick story change when reporting the death of respected US actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on Monday.


    Feb 07

January 2014

  • Opinion: Why a coward punch isn't enough

    If you’ve been following the news over summer, you probably will have seen "king hit" crop up often in the headlines. But a media shift over the past few weeks could see this term become defunct.


    Jan 30

  • Opinion: Today Tonight could be turfed

    The bell could be tolling for Today Tonight with Helen Kapalos announcing her departure from the tabloid current affairs program after a year in the hosting chair, opting to take a correspondent role on Sunday Night.


    Jan 21

  • Opinion: Tweeting a natural disaster

    Bushfire season is a reminder of Black Saturday and some of the terrible disasters we’ve had in Australia. And in times of natural disaster, reporting on social media has played a more and more important role as an information resource and even a...


    Jan 15

December 2013

November 2013

  • Could crowdfunding save journalism?

    With media organisations 'cutting costs', long-serving journalists taking voluntary redundancies and thousands of journalism graduates vying for jobs, there is a new solution to keep the dwindling media industry afloat.


    Nov 22

  • Breakfast radio is a revolving door

    Noticing a change to your morning routine? There has been another Australian breakfast radio casualty.


    Nov 21

  • New Daily copping early criticism

    The Australian has hit out at new digital publication The New Daily, claiming it is taking money from “hardworking Australians” through its superannuation funding.


    Nov 21

  • ABC salary leak hits nerve

    News Corporation leaked two lists containing the names and corresponding salaries of top-earning ABC staffers and Aunty has hit back. $235,664


    Nov 20

October 2013

  • Study: Pinterest is a powerhouse

    Pinterest has emerged as one of the top social media networks for driving traffic to publishers, second only to Facebook, according to Shareaholic. In fact, it was responsible for 3.68% of overall traffic in September – three times more than...


    Oct 21