Best Tweets from the Spill

Kathleen Belsten / June 28, 2013 12:54 PM

Twitter has said there were more than 500,000 spill-related tweets in 12 hours of the battle between Gillard and Rudd.

And over 5,000 tweets about the spill when Kevin Rudd won the leadership vote.

Here is a selection of the best and most hilarious tweets from the spill.

We shall start with the top tweet of the day:

Lucy Carter's Tweet 

To a popular tweet from Seek Jobs that had mixed reactions:

Seekjobs seeks out Julia Gillard

When it came to analogies social media compared it to Game of Thrones. ABC took a different approach. 

Game of Thrones or Harry Potter?

ABC said Leadership Ballot is like Harry Potter

There are plenty of frustrations from people wanting to get a vote. 


HamishMacdonald and democracy

And more frustrations for the fake Kevin Rudd who will have to change their Twitter handle.

Rudd Currency

There are plenty of eyes on what the real PM Kevin Rudd will do and say next. 

Lisa Wilkinson KRudd

Kevin's coming

For the ongoing circus we can always trust Twitter and journalist Annabel Crabb, who had a continuous Twitter feed throughout these fun times.

Annabel Crabb Rudd is in

Annabel Crabb petition

Annabel Crabb had many great tweet during the night