July 2013

June 2013

  • Best Tweets from the Spill

    Twitter has said there were more than 500,000 spill-related tweets in 12 hours of the battle between Gillard and Rudd.


    Jun 28

  • Youth and Politics: We are here in a different way

    The ABC recently published a piece titled, "The Youth don't care, but they should" in conjunction with polling done by the Australia Institute which indicated a lack of youth interest in politics.


    Jun 27

  • Referendum 2013: June Update

    Come September many voters will be going to the polls with little or no information on the proposed constitutional recognition of local government. For many, the referendum question will be a complete surprise.


    Jun 24

  • Rudd breaks eggs, still no omelette

    Oh, look! It’s that debate again. It is at once risible and dejecting to see the contest over Australia's highest elected public office devolve into a total cliché.


    Jun 13

  • Prime Ministerial Sandwiches

    In May, Julia Gillard was twice the victim of projectile sandwich attacks. This (probably) marks a higher rate of attack than for any other leader of an OECD nation in the same period. But is this, in any way, significant?


    Jun 04

May 2013

  • Referendum 2013: Recognising Local Government

    If you blinked, you might have missed this seemingly esoteric bit of political blah-blah the Federal Government is forcing us to think about.


    May 28

  • Cartoon: Budget 2013

    The Australian's Sid Maher sees it as a move "to entrench Labor's stamp on the nation beyond a predicted election defeat".


    May 22