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About Margaret Gee’s Journalist Account

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For the last 30 years, Margaret Gee’s Australian Media Guide has contacted Australia’s media professionals asking for updated details.

Now we have turned that scenario upside down, giving you the option to update your details yourself. In return, we will give you free access to a ConnectWeb database - a favour in exchange for another.

That means that the details you give us through your Margaret Gee’s journalist account are no different than those we’d otherwise be contacting you for on a regular basis.


Stay in the loop with the Media Guide

Anyone who is anyone in the media industry is listed in Margaret Gee’s. By updating your details and selecting the specific areas you’re interested in, you increase your chances of receiving the stories that are most relevant to your audience.

So make sure you choose the categories you’re interested in when you set up your account, and check in regularly to ensure your details are up-to-date.


Choose your free database

And since you are helping us by keeping your details updated, we’ll give you access to a live database here at ConnectWeb. You choose which database you’d like access to when you create your account.

Your free subscription will be ready for use as soon as we’ve verified your details and activated your account. This may take up to 24 hours, Monday- Friday, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure to send you an email as soon as it’s good to go.

The databases you can choose from include all ConnectWeb live databases. You’ll see them listed below, hyperlinked for you to read more about each one.




When do I get access to my account?
Within 24 hours of you signing up (Monday-Friday).

Can I sign up more than once if I have more than one email address?
No, each media professional can only sign-up for one Margaret Gee’s journalist account and have free access to one of our databases. If you are interested in subscribing to more than one of our publications, they are all available through the ConnectWeb online shop.

This was sent to my colleague, but may I sign up too?
Yes, any media professional in Australia can sign up to a journalist account and get access to a ConnectWeb database.

I’m not a journalist, but I work in the media industry – can I sign up?
Yes, if you are a media industry professional, you are eligible for a Margaret Gee’s journalist account.

Does this cost me any money?
No, creating your Margaret Gee’s journalist account won’t cost you anything. You do us a favour by updating your details through your account, and we say ‘thank you’ by giving you free access to a ConnectWeb database.

I already updated my listing, why am I receiving this?
Recently having updated your details shouldn’t mean that you don’t get the same offer as other media professionals. Create your Margaret Gee’s journalist account with your most current details and you’ll get to havefree access to a ConnectWeb database of your choice too.

I am not in Australia, may I sign up?
Yes, overseas media professionals are welcome to create a Margaret Gee’s journalist account and will get access once we have verified their details.

Will this lead to more spam in my inbox?
No, by updating your details, and choosing the news categories you are interested in, creating your Margaret Gee’s journalist account only means that you will only receive relevant press releases.

What is Margaret Gee’s Australian Media Guide?
This live media contact search engine profiles Australia's leading media outlets, including television and radio stations, newspapers, internet/online, magazines, newsletters,press agencies, parliamentary press gallery and multicultural press.

You can read much more about Margaret Gee's here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email Margaret Gee’s editor, Bec Fary, or give her a ring.


Contact info:


Phone: 1300 854 686



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