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Margaret Gee's Media Guide is dedicated to bringing you the best news in media, public relations and marketing. Read all our latest articles here.

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  • Quote After more than 20 years reporting on journalism and media, I pride myself on my contact book. But when that fails me, I use ConnectWeb. End Quote

    Associate Professor Margaret Simons Centre for Advancing Journalism at University of Melbourne

  • Quote Using “Margaret Gee’s Media Guide will significantly save you time, and assist you in ensuring your contacts are up to date and accurate.” End Quote

    Jasmin Forsyth Swim Australia

  • Quote Margaret Gee’s Media Guide has been fantastic. The site is always up to date and easy to navigate. I would absolutely recommend it. In the media industry it is key to ensure you are contacting the right people. End Quote

    Ashleigh Austen Reader’s Digest

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